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Friday, August 24, 2012

A Tropical Breeze - Ten Year Anniversary!

A Tropical Breeze 2012
I just realized today is August 24th.  I told my husband that today's August 24th and he gave me a look like "So what does that mean?" I remind him that this is the day we bought A Tropical Breeze 10 years ago and that its the 10th anniversary. I emailed our partner, Myron Newman and he couldn't believe 10 years had gone so fast. 

A Tropical Breeze 2002

It all started in the summer of 2002 when a neighbor told me about Cape San Blas and that it had just been named the #1 beach in the USA including Hawaii.  A trip was immediately scheduled to see the area.  A Tropical Breeze was way out of our price range, but we loved it so much we videotaped it and went back to talk to friends and neighbors about a partnership.  Fortunately, the Newman Family was in the market for investment property and our partnership was formed.  The home was first seen on July 3rd, 2002 and we were owners by August 24, 2002.  It's been a magical ten years and we have been fortunate to have many happy repeat guests, including wedding proposals, beach weddings, 50th anniversary parties, 80th birthdays and many more significant events in the lives of our guests.

A Tropical Breeze still looks outstanding for a 10 year old and the beach is better than ever. Treat yourself to a visit to Cape San Blas.

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