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Friday, January 17, 2014

Men's Journal: The Last Stretch of Unspoiled Florida

It's extra cold in Atlanta this evening and I just looked at the cover of my husband's Men's Journal and saw on the cover: Wild Beaches - Undiscovered Florida.  I just knew it had to be Cape San Blas or as they call it, St. Joseph Peninsula.

On page 54, John O'Connor describes St. Joseph Peninsula as a place where gulf winds have created miles of huge dunes, some of the highest and most pristine in the country; and loggerhead turtles nest here in the summer. St. Joseph Peninsula has everything you are looking for in a beach getaway - the sugary sand is impossibly white and the sea stays warm all year round - as well as a vast network of hiking trails, where you are likely to spot ospreys sweeping across the massive dunes on the hunt.

They also talk about Indian Pass Raw Bar - deeply local, though oddly welcoming.  Yum!! Baked oysters and a beer are sounding mighty fine right now.

For those wondering, Cape San Blas is on the St. Joseph Peninsula.  Sometimes, I think the reason this is the Forgotten Coast is it has too many names for anyone new to the area to keep straight. Now that I think about it, maybe that was done on purpose, so this area remains as the Last Stretch of Unspoiled Florida.

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