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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bald Eagles, Playful Dolphins and Beautiful Sunsets

My husband and I just spent the perfect weekend alone at A Tropical Breeze on Cape San Blas.  It was like a second honeymoon and a glimpse of how sweet retirement will be some day.

We left Atlanta on Thursday night at 9pm, after the threat of snow passed, and arrived at 3am.  This sounds like a crazy time to travel but the benefits are great, no Atlanta traffic, traveling with a beautiful moon, a sky full of stars and waking up to the sound of the waves and the view of the beach all make it worth leaving at night instead of waiting till morning.  Plus we always have an action audio book to keep our minds alert.

We both had to work on Friday, but working on the computer and taking conference calls while looking at the beach all makes it so much better.  Plus a bike ride for lunch and a mid afternoon walk on the beach were nice breaks. The day ended with a perfect sunset over the Gulf. Definitely well worth the trip.

Sunday we took our new to us, small fishing boat into Port St. Joe and launched it off the Port St. Joe Public ramp.  Even though it was a beautiful day, the bay was a bit chilly, so after fishing for a few minutes, we headed into the inter coastal waterway which is much more protected from the wind. 

We meandered up the waterway fishing here and there with the sun was warming us to the point of shorts and t-shirts.  This is when all the action started.  First a boat went by with 3 dolphins following it.  By the time I got my camera out they were gone but then the fishing boat across from us caught a large sea trout and as they were reeling it into the boat, a dolphin flies into the air chasing the fish towards the boat.  It was as exciting as any dolphin show. 

(The dolphin is on the side of the boat.)

  The dolphin proceeds to dance on the water begging for the fish.  Being responsible outdoors men they did not feed the dolphin, but the dolphin stayed with them for another 5 minutes begging.  I couldn't have been more excited and did get a few pictures.   Then a bald eagle flies right over our boat, we spot another flying over the trees and then a 3rd baby eagle starts following the 2nd. It was better than any movie or Broadway show.  

Rob caught a trout too!

We ended the evening with another beautiful sunset in front of A Tropical Breeze. 

God sure knows how to put on a show at Cape San Blas.