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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

We Love Our Guests! Thanks for a Great Rental Summer

Rob and I came down by ourselves for 4 days to check on the house after 10 straight back to back weekly rentals.  We love our guests and management company!  A Tropical Breeze is in great shape and that's because our guests treat it so well. Of course there's always something to do, so we added a new phone system, switched out a TV in "Under the Sea", the bunkroom so it now has DVD and VCR to watch many of the classic movies that we provide. We also had the carpets cleaned, did some touch up painting, replaced the microwave which was rusting on the inside- that darn salt air even affects the interior of the house.

Of course we still had plenty of time for bike riding, fishing, dolphin watching and relaxing in the sun.

Yesterday was a banner day: Beautiful sunset last night and yesterday there was a dolphin party in front of A Tropical Breeze.  We were in the water and Rob said, " I wonder where the dolphins are today?"  Less than 2 minutes later, one surfaces within 20 feet of us.  Turns out he's the leader with at least 5 more pods of 4-6 dolphins to follow.  Usually they gracefully swim by while feeding but today the dolphins were feeling frisky, lots of splashing around and then one jumps in the air and all of a sudden several start jumping, some 2 at a time.  There were only about 30 people on the beach in all directions but everyone was up and watching the dolphin show.

Then about 7pm, I'm doing computer work on the upper deck and I hear loud snorting sounds.  It's more dolphins about 30 feet off shore.  They're calling my attention,  as if saying, "How can you look at a computer when we're swimming right by on this beautiful evening". Amazing!