Welcome to A Tropical Breeze!

Named #1 Beach is the USA in 2002 and Only Gets Better Every Year!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Welcome to a Wonderful Week at A Tropical Breeze!

Summer is in full swing and we are welcoming our weekly guests to A Tropical Breeze. Even though Cape San Blas may be quiet to some, to me there is so much to do that I can never fit it all into one stay.

I was there last week for 3 nights and enjoyed a daily morning bike ride.  One day we went into St. Joseph Peninsula State Park and saw 4 deer grazing by the side of the park road.

We then went to visit my son, Cody, who is working at Scallop Cove Too, the state park marina store.  He and his co worker, Kevin  are busy renting out kayaks and sharing their fishing stories with their attentive customers.

 These two silly boys know how to fish and have been on a run with red fish in the bay. Yesterday it was so calm, they took our 19' boat that never leaves the bay, 6 miles out into the Gulf and caught a grouper!

We have a new sea turtle nest on the beach.  The sea turtle laid her eggs on May 23rd.  I would love to be back to see those little baby turtles scurry towards the sea.  If you are staying on Cape San Blas or any beach this summer, please don't leave blockades on the beach at night that keep the mama turtles from laying their eggs.  Barricades can be sand castles, large holes, beach tents or beach chairs.

As always, we enjoyed baked oysters at the Indian Pass Raw Bar. The picture is upside down :-(

Here I am in my very favorite spot, watching the sunset on the beach in front of A Tropical Breeze.

We are so blessed to enjoy the pleasures of this beautiful beach.  ENJOY!